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Must Have Products For Darkskin Beauties .. Mally Roncal Approved !!!

Celebrity Makeup Artist Mally Roncal

Last week Thursday I was fortunate enough to be able to  be a part of Mally Roncal's Live UStream Broadcast , where she answered all of our beauty questions.  I had three main concerns -  What should I use on my skin as a bronzer without it giving me that " ashy" look? ( Because I am dark-skinned, a lot of the "Bronzing powders, etc..  do nothing for my complexion but makes it look dull)  my second was -  What is the best blush to appear vibrant on my dark skin ? ( like with bronzers, some blushes just appear white on my skin tone, or just don't appear in a flattering shade at all)  , my third concern - How can I control the shine? 

Mally came to my rescue answering all of my questions ( although she tried her best, not every question was answered in the short time frame) , and "prescribed" the perfect remedies from her line Mally Beauty. 

Dilema : Perfect Bronzer for Darker Skin 

Solution : Believeable Bronzer 

Believable Bronzer in "Golden Bronze"
Believable Bronzer ($40/ QVC ,mallybeauty.com, Henri Bendel) is three-step system includes a deep bronze tone with no shimmer tanning powder, soft golden bronze with pearl shimmer, and transparent rosy coral sun shade.  Mallys recommendation is to avoid using too much shimmer, as we don't want to look like shimmer roadkill.  Instead, this three step system provides us with the tools to achieve a "natural looking" sunkissed glow. First, you would apply the darkest powder all over the face with a powder brush , second lightly dust the shimmer on the cheekbones, browbones, and along the tip of the nose ( think: all of the areas you would apply a highlighter) , and lastly apply the rose-colored shade on the apples of your cheeks and even across the nose.

Dilema : A Blush that is flattering for Dark Skin 

Solution : Get Cheeky! dewy blush in "Fely's Flush"  and Blush Singles in "Cheeka" 

Get Cheeky! dewy blush in "Fely's Flush"

Get Cheeky! dewy blush in "Fely's Flush" ($25 / QVC , Henri Bendel) is a cream blush is in a a rich, warm rose hue perfect for darker complexions.  The point of a dewy blush is to leave a smooth "healthy glow" with the cream texture - which is the ideal formula to use during the warmer months . Mally describes the intended result is to "look like you just got back from exercising". 

Blush Singles in "Cheeka"

Cheeka ($18/ mallybeauty.com, Henri Bendel) is a bold pink powder blush hue that add a burst of color to the cheeks.  Mally was adamant with recommending this color for me to use. I look forward to making this blush a staple in my beauty regime.  

Dilema : Excessive Shine 

Solution: Poreless Face Defender 

Poreless Face Defender ($40/mallybeauty.com, QVC) is the death of "translucent powder" which Mally says leaves your skin with a dry /grey unattractive flaky and worn . This sheer overcoat which is silicone based, leaves your skin with a dewy, young and fresh look. Mally even suggested the use of the Poreless Face Defender when I asked about Bronzers that won't leave me looking "ashy". When Mally speaks of this new product , she speaks with so highly of it - no gimmicks , its the real deal. How to use: After foundation is applied, tap a small amount of product on the sponge applicator, then pat the sponge all over your face, including forehead, chin and creases. 

For more information on Mally Beauty products check out : www.mallybeauty.com 

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