Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mattése Elite Nail Polish Scented Summer Collection : Happy Hour

 Mattése Elite Nail Polish recently released its Summer Collection  called "Happy Hour"  inspired by our favorite cocktails during our favorite part of the work day.  I absolutely love this collection , as all of the ME collections ,  but this time around the colors are scented -  which lasts for days after applying the color ( a sweet incentive).  This collection consists of the summer basic "must -haves"  - a neon green, a vibrant purple, a vivid orange, an electric blue, and the classic pop tarte pink, and a hot fuchsia. With this selection , you're all set for the season.  I thought it would be fun to pair the colors with looks/days of the work week (courtesy of's footage of Blumarine's  Spring 2011 RTW Show)  as a style guide - Enjoy !! 


Shirley Temple 
Shirley Temple is the perfect bright/neon pink to kick off the work week . Although most people don't attend Happy Hour's on a Monday, with this fabulous color on your nails, you will want to be seen somewhere besides in the office!  I really love this color from the collection , and I really love the "bubblegum"-like scent of this color. 



A perfect shade of blue for the summer.  The total opposite to the almost Black hues worn during the Fall and Winter, this bright ,  blue with a metal/satin finish is the unexpected when it comes to lacquer.  Usually brights like this shade are in a creme, but I love that its not a creme color. Definitely a color for the bold ladies out there that like being adventurous when it comes to their nails, and don't conform to the the "out - dated" typical French Manicure. 


Tequila Sunrise

Perfect shade for the official "Hump Day"  of the week.  Everyone gets excited about Wednesday's because we know the weekend is right ahead.  I love this orange-ish shimmer hue paired with a clean neutral ( or white like the outfit above) clothing, so that your nails really "PoP" ! This shade is just a preview to what the weekend has to offer : tons of fun !! - I love that !  I just look at this shade and think "party". 



Thursday's being the "quintessential Happy Hour / After work Events" day of the week - it's only fitting to want to wear this lovely hot-fuchsia shade .  Its an electric pink just like "Shirley Temple" but its a more "seductive" pink , like it can best be described as "Shirley Temple's hot older sister". 

Purple Passion
TGIF !!!  The end of the work week !  What better choice for the finale color ??? The color vibrant , as most of our wardrobes , or accent pieces are during this season.  

The weekend ....


Apple Martini 

The perfect color for the weekend - although I love pinks .  There's something about a neon green nail that I can never get tired of.  Since some might deem this color as "riske" for work ( I don't personally ) , its perfect for those two days away from the office.  This shade will look great with any outfit, color scheme that you choose for those days.

 Mattése Elite Nail Polish Happy Hour Collection retails for $5.99 each  and is available for purchase exclusively at Ricky’s NYC store locations and at

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