Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sex and The City Star Kim Catrall reveals Beauty Secret Weapon - It's under $2 !!!

Kim Catrall (from the Smash Hit Television Series and Movies Sex and The City ) filled us in on one of her major tools to staying beautiful. On a recent interview, she was asked by Joy Behar to tell the audience some of her beauty secrets, and Kim's response was " I basically take (those) gloves and I exfoliate every single day."

Of course we don't have the exact brand of exfoliating shower gloves that Kim actually uses, but I have a great suggestion. T.Taio Stretch Bath & Shower Gloves these gloves are a tour-de-force.  These super durable , long lasting gloves gently exfoliate while providing a deep cleansing to the skin. Another amazing  benefit is it stimulates blood circulation ( you can't beat that!!).  I personally used these gloves , and my skin was left impeccably smoother than usual, it was the same result as if I used a sugar/salt scrub.  The best part about these gloves is that they only cost $1.86 per pair !!! Yes! under $2.00 for an item that has so many benefits!!! If Bath and Shower gloves are good enough for Kim, they are surely good enough for you!!  You can go to www.ttaio.com for more information .

Happy Exfoliation !!! 


I Love said...

Thanks for sharing this suggestion and tip from this beautiful actress.

Keith said...

It's always good to hear from you. Thanks for this posting.

lisa cocuzza said...

I exfoliate every day..it really does make a difference!

Emilio said...

I love this Gloves especially if I am planning to tan, because I will get a much even Tan with them