Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The perfect fit!

Its officially summer. Now is the time to go shopping for the perfect pair of fashionable girls shoes for your little one. With so many options out there that are minature replicas of the latest in Womens footwear , its hard to zero in on one specific style. For the budget conscious , its all about getting basic shoes that can be worn a number of places. While their "no budget is the best budget" counterparts , the style and color choice options are endless. Like these cute miniature gladiator sandals (pictured, above), would be a great choice for either group of shoppers. The gladiator style has been current for a while now as far as summer staples go, and having your mini diva in a pair is no where out of the norm. You can also opt for a more classic style something more along the lines of "traditional" kids footwear, if you don't want your little girl to be a fashion maverick just yet .. Another speedbump in the road of girls shoes is finding the perfect fit. A lot of times we dont actually purchase the right size shoe for young children, because they were not properly fitted for the shoe. Something the child in question is not even present during the shopping trip, or we may be shopping online. The key to the perfect fit is that the shoe is not to be too narrow or too wide, there should not be any gaps in the back of the shoe between the ankle and the shoe, there should be a good substantial amount of ankle support as well. The child should also be able to walk, dance and play as usual in the shoes, and they should never be slippery on the bottom - there are items to buy to make any slippery shoes skid-proof. Here is a video which further gives all the tools to making sure your child has the perfect fit.

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