Monday, June 27, 2011

Minx nails go Patriotic For 4th of July Weekend !

The most Patriotic day is just a few days away, and what better way to show your love for the "Red White and Blue" then taking your love and devotion to your fingertips??  MINX recently released ( less than a week ago ) - these seasonal designs for the "Fourth of July", and conveniently their debut is on the eve of the Holiday weekend.

I am LOVING the new "Fireworks" designs (above) , I think they would work well  even for a non-Holiday weekend. I am considering getting this design done before the weeks end ..  These designs are like a "party on your nails"  they just scream "celebration", and I personally love having nail designs that make me feel "happy".

Inspiration for the "Flag/French Manicure" ... Beyonce in the "Telephone" video.

The "Flag / French Manicure" (above)  design is inspired by the metallic American Flag design that Beyonce first wore as a custom design in the "Telephone" video she did with Lady Gaga in March of last year. I find this design a bit too "literal" and overkill with the Americana  for my taste, but I know it would be a hit for a lot of other people.  For some odd reason, I can also see Katy Perry wearing this design for a performance - or maybe she has already??

The "Patriotic Dots" (above) is very Americana as well, but done in a way that I prefer more than the "French" design. I love the Red Lightning center, paired with the minxlusion dots design on the top and bottom of the nail.  I would not mind wearing this design on my nails- knowing myself I would choose a non-Holiday weekend to wear something so "patriotic"

The "4th of July Confetti" (above) design is very cute as well,  I can see myself wearing this design with "Silver Lightning" on alternate nails. Like the fireworks design, these just scream party!

Whatever design you choose ,  they will be a conversation piece wherever you go this weekend !

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