Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Haute Couture Nails With Opi Shatter Top Coat

OPI Silver Shatter Top Coat and Black Shatter Top Coat over Essie Cosmetics Nails Lacquer in Lilacism and Van D'Go

OPI Black Shatter Top Coat
"The Original"

OPI Blue Shatter Top Coat

OPT Red Shatter Top Coat

OPI Silver Shatter Top Coat

OPI White Shatter Top Coat

It all started with the OPI Black Shatter Top Coat ( pictured, above) - this nail couture in a bottle caused a frenzy.  This amazing innovation where the Black Top Coat dries in a crackled, shattered glass effect on the nails , was the most wanted item in all over the country and web.  A staple at Rickys NYC stores - this amazing nail effect has sold out and come back into stock in stores and online.  Although I am a bit late, I wanted to put this Shatter top coat to the test  - to see if it is as amazing as everyone claimed it to be.... It is!!! Theres something cosmic about the way the top coat dries into this cool effect, and at first I was not too keen on the Silver Shatter Top Coat ( Thank the Beauty Gods that OPI has added more shades to this top coat including : Silver, White, Blue, and Red) being paired on a light shade - I was going to suggest using a dark nail color.  Ironically, I love it..I feel like its a subtle surprise once you look closely at my nails - I am excited to see how the silver will pair with a dark hue though.  There is an edgy feeling to this effect, yet there is something very feminine and pretty about it as well - depending on the colors you use as a base coat.  The lighter the shade ( pales, pastels, etc..) - is more girly/edgy, and I like neon base shades for a more rocker / punk look. If you have not joined the Nail Couture Elite yet and have gotten "Shatter-ized" you need to stop by your nearest Rickys NYC store or go online to pick up the OPI Shatter Top Coats! 

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