Thursday, February 17, 2011

Who says accessories are for the ladies only ????

I can not recall the last time I have saw an emphasis on Mens Accessories - primarily jewelry. I am a girl that love accessories for myself, and I love that there are so many fabulous , yet very masculine options for men. When it comes to Mens Designer Rings, there is a lot of new modern styles for todays man. No more are just the same square shaped styles that featured gemstones or initials ( I use these descriptions because these are styles that my Grandfather wore , and I love these styles till this day - BUT , I love that there is some modern options available) , now there is a wonderland of shapes and design that men can choose from. Some are for the style mavericks, while there are still classic styles for the stylishly - timid . From Bull Heads, Skulls ( which have been "en vogue" for the past couple of years, to Fangs ( very reminicent to another vintage style of Mens Rings - "The Horseshoe" - but a modern update) I really really like this style. I see it as the go-to ring for a wide range of men  - I honestly believe that all men can wear this style and I know that this style has a universal appeal. Unlike the Skull and Bull Head - which I know are not for "everyone" , but I can see these styles being worn by the rock-band types. Modern interpretations on bands ( including strips of wood for a haute couture feeling), I see these styles more on the laid back modern metro-sexual types . Gemstone rings, which are not as gaudy as the rings of the past, featuring slimmer styles ( like the ring pictured top right) - I can totally see this style on the tailored suit wearing man, the one who wears Tom Ford Cologne everyday just cause.

We always advertisments about womens jewelry , I think its time that Mens jewelry gets the same exposure.

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