Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sultry Treats to Make Your Valentines Day Unforgetable.... All under $50!

Hair with sexy curves and body ....

Runway Series by RSession Tools Tapered Curling Iron ($49.99 / Ulta.com , Target.com, http://www.rickysnyc.com/ )  is the perfect tool to show that your hair can also  have some sexy curves. This 4-in-1 iron allows you to create different levels of the head-turning curves in your hair. Especially when used in its barrel only form, you avoid having pesky marks ( unsightly crimps) , and it really gives a beautiful wave . You can control the pattern / size of your curls (or waves) depending on how tight you hold your hair to the iron. Although I love straight hair, but why wear straight hair when you can have sexy lustrous waves??

The perfect pout


Porn Star 

 There is three levels of seduction you can channel with the perfect shade of lipstick - You could be the sex symbol with "porn star" (not literally of course!!!) , the provocateur with "provocative" , or the sultry sexy femme fetale with "blow" . Mattese Elite lipstick ($10 http://www.rickysnyc.com/ / pictured, below) carries all of the colors I just listed and you may not be daring enough to try all three but one of them are sure to be a perfect fit with your persona. Porn Star and Blow are very popular colors.. I love all three .. I say try them all , and at 10 dollars each its a steal !!!!!!

It's all about having a signature scent ........


Reveal by Halle Berry

Launched just this month is the third addition to Halle Berry's fragrance collection - Reveal by Halle Berry $28 (1oz) and $35 (1.7oz). Reveal  is described as a blend of floral, fruit and woods for a versatile scent that combines classic sophistication with modern sexiness. Fresh, fruity top notes accompanied by Halle’s favorite flower, Mimosa, blend into a feminine bouquet of plumeria flower, iris blossom and neroli petals. The fragrance then settles on a seductive base of vetiver, cashmere woods and skin musk, delivering a creamy addiction that leaves an intoxicating trail. The bottle is inspired by the art-deco era along with Halle's own personal memories of a beloved obect d'art, it is a very pretty bottle. Something you would like to be in your boudoir.

Creating the perfect atmosphere ....

Love and apreciation definitely should not be displayed only on V-Day. But, it doesn't hurt to go the extra mile for your beau. Some of my favorite picks ( all of the items below are available at Rickys Stores and http://www.rickysnyc.com/ - its a mega Store I tell you!!) all under $20 !!!

Skinny Dip




Earthly Body Massage Candles ($13.99) are great , because they melt down to a moisturizing massage oil.  So it is the gift that keeps on giving 1.creates a heavenly ambiance with the scent , 2.can be used for massages , and my most favorite 3.moisturizes the skin.  

FETISH  Fantasy Series Furry Cuffs ($14.99) and Satin Love Mask ($9.99)  are self explanatory. These two items are sure to give your Valentines night a "Happy Ending" .

52 Weeks of Naughty Night Cards ($16.99) is a playful treat for two loaded with fun naughty games and suprises that will last you way past the 14th .

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