Thursday, January 6, 2011

Stay Connected With a Extended Battery

In today's face paced world, we use our phones for just about everything - from staying connected, to shopping, calendar updates, and the latest rage - social networking. So many dates and meetings and shopping excursions ( speaking about myself) have gone through a miscommunication dilema due to one persons battery dying - and having no way to get contact ( not everyone walks with a usb charger on hand . Imagine New Years Eve with a dead cellphone??? So the next best thing is an extended battery. Since the HTC EVO is so very popular - being the arch rival of the iconic iPhone , I decided to review the Monaco Extended High Capacity 3500mAH battery. Since the HTC EVO's release this past summer, so many people have ditched their Blackberry's and iPhones to switch over to this innovative phone. Now with the Monaco Extended Battery, the possibilities of this phone will continue to be endless. Luckily for HTC EVO users this battery is offered at a discounted $59.99 ( a 40% discount off the original $99.95 price). Features on this new battery include : high quality Japanese cells, extended door to fit the battery, adds only 3-4MM to the HTC EVO, keeps the phone charged and ready to go no matter how heavy the usuage on the phone is.
For more information on this battery click here.

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