Wednesday, December 8, 2010

For The Person Who Has Everything... NoiseHush N650 Solar Blue Tooth Car Kit

The NoiseHush N650 solar car kit is the gift that will keep on giving. Everyone wants to stay connected while on the go , without the dangers of using their cell phones while driving ( although we ALL know this is a no-no , so many of us are still guilty of it) . I love this Car kit , mostly because its green - you have the option to use solar power with the built-in solar array. It harnesses the natural power of the sun to help it recharge its batteries , but in case of insufficient sunlight an included USB charging cable can recharge the Li-ion battery when provided a USB power source. The best part about this car kit is that it is under $100 retailing for 59.99 !!! You can click the link above for more information and specifications .

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