Friday, November 5, 2010

Clientele Thermal Pumpkin Facial Scrub - Microdermabrasion In a Bottle


I just love this facial scrub by Clientele . It has a warming sensation while you use it, which are activated by the use of water. This scrub deep cleanses pores and removes dull , lifeless skin - hence the nickname "Microdermabrasion In a Bottle" . This scrub features Lycopene & Lutein , Apple , Honey and Cinnamon extracts, all to leave you with rejuvenated skin. Its a bargain at $35 dollars ! More than half the price of a spa treatment , its a beauty mavens must - have.


Unknown said...

It has a warm feeling, and you use it, which is activated by the water. This scrub deep cleanses pores, removes dull, lifeless skin - hence the nickname "dermabrasion" in a bottle.


Fadricktalors said...

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