Monday, September 13, 2010

Knits Knits and more KNITS !!!!!

For those that like dimensions of texture .

For those who like a Chanel-inspired sophistication ....

For the Modern lurex knit lovers....

As sad as it was to say good-bye to Summer.. It's also very exciting to say "Hello Lover" to fall. The option of layering has returned, and what better way to layer up on your fabulous fall outfits than with latest in ladies knitwear. From cardigans, sweaters, dresses, leggings, lets not forget jeggings, there are so many ingredients to choose from when creating your "fall fashion soufflé".

A Textured cardigan (
pictured , at the top) , is a statement piece - great with anything from jeans to knit dresses , and with the right accessories , can totally make its way to the evening category.

A Chanel-inspired cardigan (pictured , middle) not all of us can afford to shop the label, but we're equally deserving of the sophistication and ladylike-ness of the silhouettes. I am a fan , this knit is the epitome of girly-chic , at the fraction of the cost. What I love most about pieces like this one, although it is intended for a polish look, you can "break the rules" and pair this sweater with the unexpected. Pairings like distressed jeans, statement jewelery , and even a pair of platform statement boots. When you're over "breaking the rules" you can always go back to wearing this sweater the timeless classic way.

A Lurex striped dress (pictured, bottom) is the most modern way to wear a knit. Modern, because of the use of Lurex in comparison to the more classic knits used for knitwear. Lurex adds sparkle, glam and a taste of Luxe to knits. That is why most Lurex pieces are great for evening looks as well. It will not look like your typical "sweater dress". The dress pictured above is the perfect example,the stripes, the gold color, the exaggerated shoulders , all of these key components make this dress very modern, and very appropriate for a fun evening look.

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