Wednesday, August 4, 2010

LUXE for Oceana

Lisa Vogel

During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim - LUXE by Lisa Vogel( creative director of LUXE and co-president of RAJ Manufacturing, swimwear’s largest house of fashion.)showcased the latest designs that which will benefit Oceana, the largest international nonprofit organization focused solely on ocean conservation.
“It’s important to understand the ocean food chain and how disrupting that balance
affects our world,” continues Vogel. “I want my children to enjoy the ocean and aquatic life as much as I did growing up, so I’m doing my part to drive awareness about Oceana’s efforts through my new LUXE for Oceana collection.”
Oceana focuses on preserving and restoring water and beach quality, fisheries,
fish habitats, and marine sanctuaries with offices in North America, Central America, South America and Europe.

This is my favorite look from the collection - it embodies everything the LUXE brand represents, Modern, Luxury, Sophistication. The vibrant shades of blue tie in perfectly with the Oceana cause. I also love this models hair, subtle pretty beach-waves.

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