Saturday, May 15, 2010

Maximize Summer with Maxi Dresses

On the eve of summer , one must start preparing their season wardrobe. One summer staple that reappears every year is Maxi Dresses. Perfect for day (like those spent on the beach or on a yacht) or night (that rooftop party), maxi dresses are sure to please. A cut that has been slated to be one of the most comfortable, flatters just about everyone. Perfect for those self conscious about their legs, its the perfect way to hide your flaws, yet remaining confident while showcasing your more flattering areas. Pretty in prints or solids, I think for summer why not go for brighter hues and vivid prints. Solids are still nice , for going subtle - like the dress pictured above, can be played up with a sleek ponytail and hoop earrings, and you go from 0 to 20. Electric prints like the two dresses pictured above - are my perfect for summer. Bright hues combined with vivid intensifying prints are the perfect anecdote to a sun-kissed tan complexion. Bright colors are great on darker skin , and since we all are a shade or two darker than usual during those summer days, why not play it up with tons of color??? I love seeing maxi dresses with paired with beach waves ( a summer staple),and tons of long chains layers, and bangles as well. That adds a beachy-glam touch to these dresses that look great day or night.

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