Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How to Create Fishtail Braids a la Orlando Pita at Home

I've always been a fan of braids, since it was the way my hair was styled for most of my childhood. I just love the modern take on braids as performed by some of the top hairstylists of today. Orlando Pita created a very Romantic version recently, and it is simple enough to be recreated at home.

Detailed Breakdown of the process displayed above

  1. Spray hair generously with T3 + Orlando Pita Elevate Volumizing Spray

  2. Straighten hair with T3 SinglePass Straightening & Styling Iron

  3. Begin Fishtail braid on one side of the head

  4. Stay close to the head, pulling in pieces from the outside as you braid down the side

  5. Before securing with an elastic, push up on the braid to create a looser/messier look

  6. Braid until it is long enough to reach to the middle of the back of your head loosely or about 6” long.

  7. Begin second braid on opposite side of the head

  8. Pull braids together at the middle of the back of the head and tie with a piece of thread that matches hair color

  9. Cut the elastics out of the braids

The new T3 SinglePass Styling Iron , which was used to prep the hair for the braids.

Final Result

For More Tips on how to Create the Fashion Week Inspired Fishtail braid look , click the image below for tips from Orlando Pita.


Cialis said...

That was an awesome tutorial! Fishtail braids are very difficult to learn, but the result is so glamorous!

Elliott Broidy said...

Super. Thanks for the tutorial.

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