Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Vintage Swapping !!!

Being a huge fan of all things vintage ( I wear vintage jewelry about almost everyday!!). I love that there is now the opportunity for Vintage - Fashion lovers alike to join a ultra cool small community where swapping vintage clothes is the name of the game. Sounds like a Fashion Mavericks Heaven if you ask me!!! Some of the looks found on CovertCandy are if not identical , very similar to the trends we see in all of today's top Fashion magazines. Think about it, imagine being able to exchange 1970's floral frocks for 80's authentic acid wash high-waisted jeans (think Kelly Kapowski) , or if that's not your cup of tea- imagine exchanging your white 3" pumps for a purple blouse with exaggerated strong shoulders with rouging. Its great that you now have the opportunity to exchange something you don't really care for anymore for something equally as fabulous,it's a win-win situation. Most of the time when you give clothing to Goodwill , that is fabulous as well, but this is just another form of rewarding oneself. Some of my favorite vintage finds has got to be hands down - DENIM!!! There is something about a vintage pair of Jeans there isn't enough money in the world that can recreate that authenticity today. Especially vintage brands like Sergio Valente , Jordache ( although some of today's pairs have got me impressed) just to name a few. I'm also a big fan of jackets. There's nothing like a vintage cropped leather jacket , of course Accessories are another great idea to consider when shopping all things vintage. From jewelry, to sunglasses (my favorite is HUGE lenses a la Jacqueline Onasis) to handbags - Chanel Quilted Leather bag circa 79 anyone ???? If you can't afford Chanel , there is a plethora of other great handbag options to consider, or Chanel-inspired looks you can easily get online. Happy Vintage Swapping !!!! :)

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