Friday, January 29, 2010

Earrings and Rings and Bracelets.. OH MY!!!!

Banana Republic Earrings

Jewelery is one of my many obsessions .. Whether is costume, real, vintage, or gasp.. (even from the .99 store !!!) I'm a UBER fan of David Yurman rings, (pictured, above) as well as long statement chandelier's earrings- which look FAB with all hair lengths - short, medium, long). Banana Republic has some great finds as well - from statement rings, necklaces and even some art-deco inspired earrings) (pictured above), which I love to collect. I almost never leave the house without some sort of jewels on- it is a MUST !!!!The right Earrings, or Bracelet or Necklace or Broach can really MAKE the outfit. Don't believe me , just watch any Red Carpet show, the Jewels are ALWAYS the topic of discussion. MY pet peeve is when a actress, or even any woman matter of fact chooses NOT to wear earrings ( excludes when it is for religious reasons)!! I understand that you're a natural beauty and all, but how do you pair a stunning gown with bare ears????!!! I just find that to be one of the most ODD things Ever !!!! One of my favorite looks on the Red Carpet in terms of jewels was Vanessa Hudgens at the 2009 Academy Awards, it was young, fun and chic! Another favorite of mines was also Jennifer Lopez when she channeled Jackie Onassis - it was classic and it was done with precision. She really took you back !!!!

I highly suggest checking having fun with accessories, not to collect the pricey pieces, but mix in some cheap finds (cheap as in price, never in LOOKS), old vintage pieces - (I shop in my granmere's room for jewels, its like I constantly find new treasures. Earrings, Rings, Bracelets.. OH MY!!!!) I already listed Banana Republic as a good source, there is also J.Crew - the pieces there are pure ART , its like a candy store to me - I can look in the catalogue for hours , picking and choosing what I will order next !! Compton and Woodhouse Jewellery is also a great source for pieces as well.

For those on more of a budget these days , you can check out H&M - I love the stackable rings!!! They're like under 10 bucks ! They are always in the store, I tend to buy more than one set at a time, I love to mix and match - the downside is that they don't last long ( price) but the upside is you can always go and buy some more!!

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