Monday, December 21, 2009

iBling Vs. BB Bling ... Let the Bling wars begin !!!

The newest craze to hit nails since MINX is the new iBling vs. BB Bling. The trend is to paint your nails pref in a dark hue (- but I currently have Stark White lacquer on) , and according to you phone of choice you paint your texting / app choosing weapons - iPhones (index fingers) or Blackberrys (thumbs) in a glittery oh so blingalicious hue.

When it was first bought to my attention , it was Silver for BB , and Gold for iPhone , but I don't like to stick to the rules, and I've put together some suggestions courtesy of ZOYA ( one of my fav brands) as Bling suggestions.

Although I don't have an iPhone , but my phone is all touchscreen - I am on team iBling as default. - I currently love South Beach Ice as my bling choice of the moment. Richelle and Trixie are my choices for a more classic look, for those who don't want to be too adventurous with their nails.

Checkout ZOYA for all the Bling Suggestions mentioned above

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