Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Amazing Color That Extends Throughout The Holidays Contest Winners !!!!

Entry 1 says : I would like to win the color extend. I will be traveling to Central America this January and I would love to win the color extend so I can bring it on my trip. I want my hair to look vibrant and keep the color alive in every way. I will be swimming a lot, and I really need a great system that will make my color last longer and at the same time make it look fabulous for pictures worth 1000 words.

Congrats !!! Hope you enjoy your color and your vacay !!!!

Entry 2 : 2010 is around the corner, and for the New Year I want luxurious, lustrous , high octane SHINE straight hair. While I do love my curls, I want to switch it up , and spend the NEW YEAR with a fresh off the runway look !!!! That is why I want to be Amazingly Straight !!!!

Good Luck on your 2010 transformation !!!!

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