Monday, November 23, 2009

Beauty Sleep Checklist

It is a fact that Sleep is Essential , and its also important that we try our absolute best to preserve or even enhance our beauty during those crucial hours of the night. Here is my list of my must-have products to ensure the mornings are more than GOOD!

Dermologica Sebrum Clearing Mask - This Clay-based masque purifies and refines skin texture, calms inflammation and absorbs excess oil. I like to apply this mask to the t-zone area.

A SimpeCase SATIN HAIR CARE PILLOW CASE - beneficial to maintaining healthy hair, scalp and skin. For your scalp to feel its best, it needs to be properly attended to. A SimpleCASE SATIN HAIR CARE PILLOWCASE allows for the presence of two very vital elements — air and moisture.

Mary Green Sleep Masks - Ultra Fabulous and Luxurious sleep made easy with these comfy masks. I love the masks that display " Wildest Dreams" and "XOXO" among others.

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