Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Nalu Waver : Tech - Age Answer To Achieving The Perfect Wave.

I have posted time and time again about creating, achieving , maintaining the perfect wave (beach) style. From sprays, gels, to flat irons to curling irons, holding the irons in certain directions, etc.. - I've suggested it all.

Now, there's this invention only from the Style Gods above by way of Rsession Tools called the Nalu Waver . The Nalu Waver ( Nalu is the Hawaiian word for wave) , has two barrels which allow the stylist to weave the hair through them to create waves. This iron also creates pretty ringlets as well, given the double barrel body, there is a infinite possibility of wave/curl styles that can be formed with this iron. This is also perfect for people with very straight hair that want to "fake" the naturally "textured" look. It really will not look like you just used an iron to achieve it.

I used this iron on my hair over the weekend, and I was very pleased with the results. I will admit that this type of iron is not for a novice to styling, but it is more than worth the money.

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