Sunday, July 26, 2009

Miami Fashion Week Re-Cap !!!!

ghd Runway Report
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2010

ghd once again did an amazing job at the past Swim 2010 shows. Here's a look at my favorite picks !

Hair lead: Andy Bodine for ghd

“The Ethereal Goddess”
(my favorite of all three looks!!)

The Look
Celestial glamour reigned supreme with frilly bandeau bikinis in a heavenly mix of sweet gelato colors.

The ghd Way
Beautiful cascading curls polished to perfection.Bodine began the look by spraying ghd thermal protector all over to prepare hair forheat styling. Using the ghd IV mini styler, Bodine created the classic ghd ribbon curl throughout the hair. Once the curl was made, a light mist of ghd ultimate hairspray helped set the look.

Finally, just before the girls stepped out onto the runway, Bodine gently finger combed
some of the curls to create a little extra volume and give the look a slightly tousled effect.

Hair lead: Omar Lopez for ghd

“Sleek and Timelessly Chic”

The Look
Lycra took guests through the decades with archival garments from 1960-1990. The
2010 designer collections featured a variety of timeless styles inspired by elements of

The ghd Way
Lopez created a classic, sophisticated sleek look that complemented both archival and
present designs.

Hair was prepped with ghd creation spray to help create a base for heat styling. Using
the ghd IV styler, Lopez straightened hair, running the iron through small pieces at a
time to limit the amount of volume created and ensure a pin straight result.

Once all hair was straightened, Lopez brushed all the hair straight back to prevent any
parts from being created, then sprayed ghd ultimate hairspray at the roots until hair
was slightly damp. Lopez alternated between spraying hairspray and brushing hair back
until the roots were left looking slick and wet while the ends were left completely dry.
The result was a timelessly chic and sleek style that would easily complement all
fashions from past, present and future collections.

Hair lead: Omar Lopez for ghd

“Trashy & Flashy Circa 1984”

The Look
"My theme this year is Rock & Roll Space Hooker Circa 1984. It's very flashy and trashy.
I'm going to show my true self this time,” Red Carter described on his 2010 collection.

The ghd Way
Lopez reinterpreted the rock and roll space-age theme from the collection and worked a
beachy flavor into it for the runway. The result was a sculpted, sophisticated look that
was tough, yet glamorous all around.

First, ghd sea spray was sprayed into the hair then diffused throughout using a blow
dryer. Lopez created a part in the hair that ran from ear to ear, passing through the
crown, then secured each half into tight ponytails. After working a bit more ghd sea
spray into the back piece, Lopez backcombed the top part/interior of the ponytail to
give it more texture then rolled it up into the head, securing it with bobby pins.

The same rolled shape was mirrored in the front half with a slight variation as the front
ponytails were placed off center and more to the side, coming down slightly more
towards models’ foreheads. A final misting of ghd ultimate hairspray provided
additional hold for the runway.

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