Monday, June 29, 2009

KROIA Giveaway !!!!

KROIA is this new amazing skin care line that uses Chromotherapy (read below) to deliver the best skin ever!!

Chromotherapy or colour therapy is an ancient form of therapy that recognizes that certain colours are infused with healing and balancing energies. KROIA harnesses the power of colour’s healing properties and makes them bioavailable through a harmonious synergy of active ingredients. KROIA products are carefully formulated with the purest colour signature extracts and essential oils, the latest breakthrough in bio-science and gemstones to maximize the therapeutic benefits of colour to restore balance, harmony and rejuvenation. KROIA allows your skin to reach true balance for pure radiant and optimum skin health.

The first product available from this fab line is the Active Foaming Moisturizer , which is a lightweight, daily moisturizing foam that liquifies on contact to provide optimal skin hydration ( a must ! - moisture is key to beautiful skin) and enhanced absorption using KROIA's exclusive Bio-Chroma Waters.

KROIA Yellow Therapy

Illuminate + Revitalize Active Foaming Moisturizer

Yellow, a radiant color that reflects “light,” knowledge, ideas and the intellect. The sun shines with its rays of light to awaken our senses and energize the world.

KROIA’s Yellow Therapy Illuminate + Revitalize Active Foaming Moisturizer is a lightweight, daily moisturizing foam which helps to stimulate, hydrate and revive tired, dull-looking skin.

I was very pleased with the benefits of using this moisturizer first thing in the morning.

KROIA Pink Therapy

Intensive Renewal Active Foaming Moisturizer

Pink, the universal color of love, affection and femininity. It signifies compassion and unconditional love to all humanity

KROIA’s Pink Therapy Intensive Renewal Active Foaming Moisturizer is a lightweight, daily moisturizing foam which helps prevent the visible signs of aging now and is the answer to a younger-looking future.

This is the best option for 35+ users, when Anti-Aging products are being incorporated more within your beauty regimen. Everyone can use this, but I feel that the 35+ demographic will benefit the most.

KROIA Blue Therapy

Active Calm + Balance Foaming Moisturizer

Blue, the colour of truth, promotes peace of mind by helping us connect with our spiritual side.

KROIA's Blue Therapy Calm + Balance Active Foaming Moisturizer
is a lightweight, daily moisturizing foam to hydrate and sooth sensitive or irritated skin for a healthy and more balanced complexion.

I like using the Blue Therapy Moisturizer at night , right before bed.

GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!!

ONE lucky winner will get the privilege to be one of the FIRST to try out the AMAZING Active Foaming Moisturizer !!

Here's the rules.

1. Only one entry per reader , please follow all the contest entry rules, they're very EASY!!!!
2. Deadline to enter is Thursday, July 9, 2009 at 11:59 pm, the Lucky winner will be revealed on Monday , July 13, 2009.
3. Email Me ( with the subject "KROIA Giveaway" , with the Moisturizer that you'd like to try, and why. Please INCLUDE your contact details ( where to send in the event you are the winner) .
4. Check back here on the 10th to see if you are the LUCKY winner!!!

GOOD LUCK !!!!!!


pepperann said...

Geesh I'm going to enter! Looks amazing
....Like 1 in a million!

yingyang said...

How were you please with the product- what difference did you see - heeehhhhh?

August Casati said...

how cute! now what if you're colorblind...

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