Wednesday, March 25, 2009

French Women Don't Sleep Alone ..... Neither Should We !!!

I absolutely love the new book - "French Women Don't Sleep Alone : Pleasurable Secrets to Finding Love" - By Jamie Cat Callan .

It's basically a guide to finding ( or maintaining the love you already have for the committed ladies) love - BUT from the ideologies of the French. Having a French grand-mère , Jamie learned these rules first-hand - and lucky for us , she is willing to share the wealth.

Some of my favorite ideas from the book

1 - Wear sexy lingerie under your clothing - FOR YOURSELF !!! - It will give you an extra boost of confidence.
2- French Women don't date - they mostly attend dinner parties , where they meet men , and engage in conversation ( over wine of course!) , most of all they flirt ...

I met Jamie Cat Callan herself , at the book party for "French Women Don't Sleep Alone : Pleasurable Secrets to Finding Love" , and I must say she is as bubbly and engaging as the book makes her seem.

I look forward to the next book already , but for now I will be working on the art of seduction "French Style" !!!

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