Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beauty on a Budget

I put together my top picks for giving yourself the Salon Treatment at home from head - toe and it all totals under $205.00 !!!!!!!!!!!

Mission - Soft Supple Skin

Dilema - Spa Body Exfoliating Treatment $ 95

This amazing body scrub is less than half the price of a Spa visit ( I was being nice by listing that particular price - treatments sometimes start at $200). You can exfoliate in the comfort of your own home , and the best part is that you wont have to wait till you can afford the hefty bill to treat yourself again!!! I love that includes red wine extract, green tea, cranberry, grape seed oil and vitamin E - what more can you ask for!!

Mission - Flawless Complexion

Dilema - Make-Up Application $500

Solution - Per-Fekt Skin Perfection Gel To Go ( Per-Fekt Beauty/ $17.50)

This is the perfect answer to primer, foundation , even bronzer ( if you get the darker shades that have a hint of shimmer to them) . Until you can afford ( or if you just want to save) the airbrush make-up application - this Skin perfection Gel is the answer.. In this bite-size 0.25 oz , you will have no problems traveling !!!

Mission - Perfectly Arched Brows

Dilema - High-end Salon Brow Appointment $80

Solution - The Toolbox : Brow Know-How Eyebrow Kit (Tarte Cosmetics / $18!!)

This amazing set that's now HALF price at a wopping $18 bucks, includes all the essentials to perfecting the most glamorous Brows possible at-home - brow gel, brow pencil, tweezer, brow brush, brow powder, brow wax, and 3 brow stencils, plus a mini mirror (to check out your sassy brows of course!). Its available in three Universal shades - light, medium and dark.

Tips on achieving fab brows straight from the experts :

1. Prep the work zone - tweeze stray hairs.
2. Lay down the foundation - using the smooth brow wax.
3. Fill in the cracks - with either the brow powder or brow pencil.
4. Seal the deal - apply a glossy topcoat of brow gel.

Mission - Darker Hair

Dilema - Single Process Color $100

Solution : Ken Paves Healthy Hair Drops ($40)

These drops (which come in black, brown both shown , honey, platinum, beige, red) can change the hue of your hair color or for some - even add a hint of highlights. Great to maintain color between salon visits, and also aid in moisture retention and add gloss and sheen.

Mission - Longer Luxe Locks

Dilema - Professional Extension Application $800 and up

Within a "clip-in" your hair is transformed from short - mid length to long and wavy . The best part is that at the end of the night you can remove the extensions.
HairDo comes in a variety of lenghts and styles , check out

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