Thursday, February 19, 2009

Q & A With Tippi Shorter

I was recently lucky enough to ask Tippi Shorter (pictured, above) , celebrity colorist for Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection who counts Alicia Keys among her many famous clients, her step-by-step process for achieving Alicia's sleek look for the Neighborhood Inauguration Ball on Jan. 20th in D.C. as well as some other questions for Spring / Summer season.

( Alicia Keys - pictured , at the inauguration )

What was the look you were trying to achieve with Alicias look (inspiration) , and what was the steps used to achieve this style ?

1. Alicia spent most of last year on tour and her hair endured a lot being under stage lights almost every night. I felt her hair was lacking some of its natural beautiful luster, and the best way to help restore shine, luster and vibrancy was to give her a semi permanent hair color in her natural color of medium warm brown using Beautiful Collection.

2. After the color, I shampooed and conditioned with my Pantene Moisture Renewal and used a light spray leave-in to detangle.

3. I blow-dried her on medium heat using a Denman Brush to get her hair super straight and super flat.

4. I used a 2 inch flatiron to smooth her hair and created a part in the center and finished her hair with a light shine spray and a light hold hairspray so it maintained movement while she performed.

What tips do you suggest to those on a budget in achieving Hollywood worthy hair sans the Hollywood budget?

Hollywood hair is about glamour, health, and a lot of personal attitude.

Glamour- giving your hair lots of body on a budget is pretty easy. You can use hot rollers for about 10 mins to give your hair major bounce without the headache of sitting at a salon for 2 hours getting a blowout.

Health- getting a good haircut is important, and having amazing shine is the sign of health. If you need to get shine, you can try an at home semi permanent hair color like Clairol Beautiful Collection to maximize shine and it will give your hair an added boost of color too.

Which celebrities hair do you admire ?

I really like Gwen Stefani and Mary J. Blige.

What is the Spring / Summer style forecasts for 2009 - What do you see as being the new "trend" in hair ?

Hair will go back short about shoulder bob length. Natural wave is big, but, the pin straight has a place this spring also.

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