Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Best Hair in Show ...

Feb 12 - Alvin Valley

Inspiration : Mitford sisters - ( Pre-War times, circa 1930's) - privileged, and controversial society fixtures of their time.

The Look : Statement hair - that's soft, wearable and pretty but pretty with a twist. "Alvin's ideal woman is very polished, very finished - so her hair should reflect that" - says Donna Maggi National Artist for NIOXIN. "He wants the total look to be a nod to the '30s , but with modern flair. The idea is to look back and reflect on life with a certain bit of purpose and optimism."

Theodore Leaf, Celebrity Stylist for NIOXIN sectioning a models hair with spiral curls.

Setting the curls into finger waves - I just love the makeup at this show as well !!!

- The end result -

So Pretty !!!!!

Steps to Achieve this look at home :

  1. To give the hair its guts and structure, apply Volumizing Reflectives Spray Gel to the entire head and loosely blow dry.
  2. Section out 3-4 layers of spiral curls in the back of the head, alternating direction for each row.
  3. Spray Volumizing Reflectives Niospray Extra Hold to each section before ironing, then twist into a spiral curl. After it’s set, keep the curls intact but hide pins so they’re not visible.
  4. For the front, use the same technique—but with barrel curls—and then finger wave.
  5. Finish with a side part and work the finger waves into the pin curls in the back.

Products used : Volumizing Reflectives Spray Gel, Volumizing Reflectives Niospray Power Hold, Smoothing Reflectives Pure Shine Gel, Volumizing Reflectives Sculpting Gel.

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