Monday, February 2, 2009

14 Days of LOVE : Day Two

I was inspired to write a short story dedicated to Valentines Day involving six shades from Essie's True Love Collection ......

Fishnet Stockings

Vanity Fairest


Decadent Diva

Limo Scene

After Sex

A Decadent Diva had dreams of taking a trip to Bordeaux for Valentines day weekend. She was the type to always wear her Fishnet Stockings , because she knew they would stir up a Limo-Scene wherever she went. One night while having a cocktails with friends , she met a handsome Beau named Laurent - and his pick up line to her was " you have got to be the Vanity Fairest of them all!" , then he went on to extend an invitation to France to her and her friends. She turns to her girlfriends and says " I credit it all to the After Sex on my nails - get's em' every time!"


Anonymous said...

I luv how you were able to incorporate each nailpolish name into your story, very cute!! Happy Vday to Deesse Mag.. xoxo

Jeannie said...

Thanks !

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