Wednesday, February 11, 2009

14 Days of LOVE : Day Eleven

Secret Admirer

Dream Boat

Crush on You


These Shades from the LOVE Collection by Orly Beauty are my favorite picks for most romantic day of the Year !!!!

Secret Admirer - wear this shade when you are dressed to kill - although you may not have an official date , but you do have your eye on someone . Its a very pretty and demure color , and you are sure to get tons of "Secret Admirers".

Dreamboat - wear this shade when your relationship has grown and matured, and you realize that your beau has become the "Dreamboat" you've always dreamed of.

Crush On You - this is for all my single and ready to mingle gals. Wear this shade when you're going to an event with your girls where you might meet your potential "Crush".

Butterflies - wear this shade when it's in the beginning stages, and your beau gives you "Butterflies". I just love a pink shade I might add !!!

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