Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Life of the Luxe and Lavish ... at Home !

Perlier Milk and Vanilla Bath and Body Duo ($18.50)

Featured in Episode 3 ( which totally reminds me of myself and my sisters - I so would retaliate if someone borrowed my products !!!) , of Faces of Beautiful You - this duo is a sweet treat at night after a long day , but also could be the perfect sweet treat to start out in the early morning before work or school , etc...

AHAVA Pure Spa Getaway Exclusive Kit ($34)

I am a big fan of Spa getaway's , Spa treatments, just about anything relating to the ultimate Spa experience. This set is perfect for a girls night in with your BFF just like Smith and Haley in episode 4 of Faces of Beautiful You . I was inspired to have night of pampering after watching that episode.

If you have not caught on to Faces of Beautiful You , its not too late !!!! It's only 5 episodes in, so you can catch up really quickly. Now, they've even upgraded to providing fans and future fans with an interactive widget that can be used on facebook , myspace , and 50 other social networks - just take your pick!!! For more information and to grab the widget for yourself or some friends, check out :

Enjoy !!!

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