Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Want some Gems with your Wine For The Holidays ??

"Diamonds are a girls best friend" - a quote that's know all over the world. It is the absolute truth ,but I am not that picky.. I love GEMS of all walks of life.. Just like the GEMS Color Collection by Orly ($7.50 / each)
This collection was inspired by famous GEMS from all around the world. I'm actually wearing "golden jubilee" as we speak (second, from right) - the rings on the bottles are just a added bonus.

I recommend this collection (or some single lacquers as stocking stuffers) to a girl that like to live life in the fab lane.. and no GEM is ever Big enough to be on her finger!!!!

I am also just loving the Vineyard Collection by NUBAR ($45 eight piece set / $6.99 each) !!!
Who wouldn't love a collection inspired by wine?

This is the perfect gift for the girl that can't make up her mind between wearing her nails starlet red , or femme fetale deep plum.

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