Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blind Date Essentials

This is literally Lashes in a bottle !!!! You first apply a coat of mascara , then you apply this to your lashes ( one lash section at a time - because its mini fibers) , then another coat of mascara to seal ! OMG when I say there is a literal difference , that's just an understatement.

One thing I would add is that this product is definetly for the make-up junkies ! I wouldn't reccomend it for novices, because I think it might be too complex for them to grasp. But , I could be wrong.

If your date happens to be a total hottie- you can so go to the ladies room and extend your lashes a bit further to give him the "come hither" look :)

I also love the fact that it's in a glass bottle - so victorian chic!

I really love the size of this palette - its so small , it can be carried around in your bag everyday.

I love the choices on both sides.. and I personally would take it up a notch , and pair the subtle Nice eye colors with the Naughty lip shades and vice-versa. In Episode 1 of "Faces of Beautiful You" - It was mentioned how Hallie can transition her face from Hey There... to Va Va Voom (ok not in those words, but you get the point) with this palette . I totally agree - you can wear the shades from the Nice side during the day, and vamp it up a notch for drinks with the girls at night ! The possibilities are endless!

What is Faces of Beautiful ??? You might ask.. It's this supercool online series ( launched by HSN and FanRocket Studios) that follows three friends Hallie , Smith , and Nicki on their Beauty obsessed adventures one day at a time. In episode 1, Halle is getting ready for a Blind date please check it out at :

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