Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tools of the Trade

T3 - Is like synonymous with Hair.. Especially Styling.. I think all girls should have these three items : Plump, (pictured, top) Boost, (pictured , bottom) - both produced from the collaboration of T3 and the fashion world's most coveted hair stylist, Orlando Pita - which both come with a limited edition signature hair clip and Medium Duality Iron (pictured, center).

Plump is the perfect pre-drying solution.. It gives you a super straight , shiny finish after blow drying. It also adds ton of volume. Boost and the Medium Duality Iron is to styling what a knife and fork is to eating . I don't know how I managed to straighten my hair without Boost ! It leaves your hair with a silky smooth finish , and the Medium Duality Iron ( it's a splurge at $160 ) - but it is an investment in Sexy hair, and you will thank yourself once you've started using it gives you so many possibilities : from the stick straight runway look, to my favorite sexy waves, flips, loose curls, etc...

With that said.. Every great movement has a foundation, and these three items are the foundation to Great Hair !

These items can be purchased at http://www.t3micro.com/ , and www.sephora.com

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