Friday, March 14, 2008

Girlicious Beauty Vol.I

I have become a fan of the new show , "Pussycat Dolls Presents.. Girlicious" .. Although it beats me whether the group makes it or not, I just love the cute costumes, dance numbers and lets not forget the great hair and make-up (which no outfit is complete without) .

To channel your inner "Girlicious"/"PussyCatDoll" , I highly suggest looking into these items by Too Faced Cosmetics.

First up , is the Galaxy Glam Eye Shadow ( $19.50 / pictured, above far left) in Moon Beam - Its the smokey -eye shadow of the future!! It packs multi-dimensional color in the form of Planet inspired swirls. There's nothing else on the PLANET like this!!!

Another Eyeshadow option is the Candy Bars ($25.00/ pictured , bottom right)
in Tropical Truffle , there's so many possibilities that can be done with these neutral shades.

Nothing says "Girly Girl" more than having killer lashes, and I am a huge fan of the new Too Faced Lash Injection ( $19.50/ pictured above left) in Hot Chocolate. Its said to be " Lash Extensions in a Bottle" - and I couldn't agree more. I noticed a huge difference when I applied it, and felt kinda sad when I had to wash all the make up off.

No Face is complete without the perfect Bronzer - you should definitely consider Pink Leopard Bronzer ( $28.50 / pictured, above far right) , it blends golds, browns, and pink pigments to give you the ultimate glow/ healthy pink flush all year long. Don't you just love the leopard print ?? I sure do..

To complete your look , you have to top it off with a gloss. Mood Swing Lip Gloss ($18.50/ pictured above, center) gives you the perfect shade of pink , according to your mood! If your calm and content, its pretty pale, and if you're hot n ready to mingle its more of a hot pink. It's sheer genius !

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Anonymous said...

I need to get another job just to get all these products! Love this blog!!!

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