Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Luxe Gloss for the Luxe Girl

Are you usually catogorized as the "Luxe Girl" (don't be bashfull, I'm totally guilty as well) , and not just any ol' lipgloss will do ?

Well you are in luck, because I recently got my hands on Hourglass Cosmetics recent addition to the family extreme sheen lipgloss ($28) , and its genius ! It makes me feel so luxurious with every application.

It comes in three shades (pictured above) Reflect pink hue Ignite mauve hue and Sephora Exclusive, Imagine nude hue .

I advise all the Luxe Girls out there to go out and get these glosses , or get them for your Luxe Best Friend (Super cute gift Idea No.2) !!!

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Anonymous said...

Thank for the info.

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