Wednesday, August 8, 2007

FLAT IRON......... R.I.P

Yes, you've read right, ghd proclaims "The Death of The Flat Iron" in regards to their new ghd styler.

Established in 2001, ghd is committed to developing the most effective and innovative products for the haircare industry.

According to ghd " The new ghd styler is NOT a flat iron – it curls, waves, straightens, and so much more; so please do not refer to it as a “flat iron.” ghd creates “styling irons.” Flat irons are dead. " - ghd styler (pictured below)

The “ghd styler” includes other new features such as improved temperature control to maintain the heat during styling, plus intelligent technology that incorporates a sleep mode, whereby the styler switches itself off if not used for thirty minutes - a godsend for forgetful users ( I'm guilty as charged !!!) who can now have added piece of mind when out and about.
Perfect for ‘travel-ista’ types, the new ghd styler offers universal voltage to ensure it operates at maximum efficiency, wherever you are in the world. - It's about time they accommodate us jet-setting gals!!!

You know this wouldnt be Dèesse Magazine if I didn't bring you some tips on how to achieve a Dèesse - worthy look. You know I had to ask the folks at ghd how to acheive this.

For catwalk-perfect hair follow the four-step program:
Step 1 – cleanse and nourish: Select a shampoo, conditioner and treatment for your hair type ( whether its curly, color treated, relaxed, natural, etc..) , all with UV protection.
Step 2 – protect: Protect hair with a prescriptive thermal protector for heat- styling.
Step 3 – style: Heat-activated protection for creating any look.
Step 4 – finish: Create the ultimate end result for every style, all with UV protection.

The ghd thermodynamics™ range and ceramic styling irons are available only through professional ghd-approved salons. The ghd stylers are available at Sephora stores, and also online . For more information on the new ghd products and where to buy visit


Anonymous said...

ghd is worth the money. I bought one a while ago and love the results.

Anonymous said...

I guess I can throw my cheap plug-in hot comb away now!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

GHD is too much damn money..

I can get the same result with a 20 dollar Conair iron!!

Anonymous said...

ms anonymous please don't throw out your hot comb! this thing ain't all that and you will be wasting your top dollars on pou pou ... honestly ghd should be giving it away!

Anonymous said...

ain'tsayingnothingbutaword-I think if anonymous wants the best then GHD is worth the money.

Unknown said...

I think the ghd stylers are worth the money and I don't think a $20 hair iron will yield the same results but hey I maybe wrong. I bought my ghd from and it is fantastic but it is important to be careful where you buy them from because there are a lot of fakes on the market.

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